Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She's too clever II

We had major IT troubles at home this week. It took a fair amount of wrangling and we are still not fully in business at home. While I was doing the basic stuff like disk cleanup, backing up the disks, updating virus and spyware definitions and scanning the disks, I had a great idea.

Why not use child labor?

Iris is always looking for ways to earn extra money. Why not train her to do simple IT tasks?

I couldn't convince her.

"You know how you are always looking for ways to earn money? Babysitting only pays $8-10 per hour. But you could earn $25, maybe $30 per hour doing computer maintenance. I will teach you how. Both Mac and PC. I will even teach you UNIX Sys Admin. You are so lucky you have a mommy who can teach you all these things."

"No, thanks!" and she went back to her book.

"What do you mean, 'No, thanks'? You are always trying to earn money, and I am willing to teach you valuable skills for free."

"It looks boring."

A budding Megan McArdle.

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