Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoes of Summer

Materfamilias showed off her shoes of summer. Mardel showed off her current favorite pair of sandals. I thought I would show off mine, too.

I bought these during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a year or two ago. In LA, I wear them year round. I used to think that Munro American shoes were expensive, but then the dollar weakened against the Euro and they seem downright inexpensive compared to Italian shoes of the same quality. The cost per wear makes them a bargain.

TSA also pointed out that these sandals have a substantial steel shank; most sandals don't have them.


  1. These look smart and comfortable, something like a black pair of Merrells I've come close to wearing out. For cost per wearing, my hands-down winners are my metallic silver Birks, and I can't care how much the fashionistas sniff at them!

  2. I love my Munros. The rubber heels make them extremely durable and comfortable. And they last forever. As you said, cost per wear is a bargain.