Friday, April 17, 2009

Amen to that

The problem isn't greed, it's what we've all decided is acceptable.
From Joel Stein in the LAT.


  1. Anonymous12:35

    I read something a while back about Elton John having sung truly for free (including covering his own travel expenses) at some event. It was remarkable enough that they wrote a whole article about it.

  2. EJ is really nice, by all accounts. I heard he once spontaneously opened his house gates and served refreshments to the LA Wheelmen when they stopped by his house in their annual bike tour of stars' homes.

    The quote applies to so many things. For instance, I heard a radio interview with a financial specialist talking about Swiss bank accounts. (This was years ago, during boom times.) He defended the practice, saying that there are legitimate uses for anonymous Swiss bank accounts.

    "Like what?" asked the radio host.

    "They could be preparing for a divorce."

    So robbing and stealing from your family is a legitimate thing to do?


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