Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wren Wrap-up

Pardon the bad pun.

I was actually too sick earlier this year for sewing and knitting (or going to work). This should explain why I read so many books in 2009. But, I am well enough now to work nearly my regular schedule, knit and upload pictures of knitting.

So here is Wren, looking very spiffy with my linen skirt and an old pale pink t-shirt from Target.
It looks subtly different with the plaid top I made last year.
As others have noted on Ravelry, the neckline of the pattern doesn't really work. Like several successful knitters before me, I changed the 1x1 ribbing to moss stitch. But the wide collar band gets wavy and there is no way to decrease and stay in pattern.
I knit 4 rows of moss stitch before switching to stockinette at the hems. The bottom front center stitches were left unfinished for a subtle curl.
I bought this pin, made from antique buttons, from Merry Wennerberg of The Button Box. She does not have a storefront and sells at shows around southern California; call 949-581-9663 for her show schedule.
If you followed the pattern link at the top, you may notice that my sweater is substantially different than the pattern. I knit long sleeves in the round, increasing from 41 to 65 stitches (spacing incs every 10th row). Then I followed the cap sleeve decrease sequence.

The sweater is wearable, but a prime example of Swatches Lie. When a yarn is called “drapey”, it means that the sweater will droop and stretch. I should have knitted one size down and allowed for downward stretch when I measured for the armhole.

(Why didn't I learn my lesson after the Papyrus Lace Cardigan fiasco?)

Knitters can learn more gory details on Ravelry.


  1. Wren looks great. I love the subtle color changes. Need I mention the great pin? Fabulous detail!

  2. I love the way your rendition of wren turned out with the longer sleeves and the subtle colors of the yarn. Of course the pin is nice too.

    I often have to remind myself that "drapey" means droop and stretch. Sometimes I remember, as I did with Granite last year, and sometimes I forget. I may have miscalculated with my current project, but I am trying to convince myself that it is short enough anyway that it may not matter. I will find out soon enough.

  3. I was considering making this sweater - time for more research!
    Thanks for the detailed analysis.


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