Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dumpling Master

Following the advice of Counter Intelligence and Eat LA, we stopped at Dumpling Master in Monterey Park on the way home from Joshua Tree. Although reviews on yelp have been spotty of late, we found the food and the service were excellent.

Mark trusted Jonathon Gold enough to select items from the review. The waitress suggested dishes that kids usually like. Her recommendations were spot on. Iris gave the place two thumbs up.

We ordered scallion pancakes, pork potstickers, veggie dumplings, hot and sour soup, greens with tofu noodles, and a three-item appetizer platter from the display case below. (Due to overzealous hard drive cleaning, I don't have the third picture in the series, showing the seaweed appetizers, which were delicous.)

The place is Taiwanese, so the food may taste funny if you were expecting Chinese food. The deli case transported me into my youth. They make a perfect Taiwanese-style hot and sour soup. Perfect.

The waitress was very nice and she cooed over Iris, ingratiating herself with the proud mama. I have no idea why some reviewers found the service unfriendly. I didn't even tell her that my mother is from Ilan until we were on our way out. The other table, with several people who spoke in eastern European accents, were treated similarly kindly and discussed how much they enjoyed their food.

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  1. It looks so delicious that I just want to dive right in and eateateat!