Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guess where?

Another clue.
When fire comes, this water cistern may be useful.
The (interstate) 405 traffic over Sepulveda pass is a dead giveaway to locals that we spent the day at the Getty Center.

As you get off the tram leading from the parking structure below to the center above, you may encounter this 'spring'.
We followed the path of the water down for a garden tour.
I can't stop taking pictures of the sedum.
Approaching the pool at the end.
I'd like to make a quilt someday, incorporating those shadows.
I almost didn't think about work at all that day, until I saw these plants. Don't they look like magnetic tapes?
All the rah-rah edible landscaping articles lately omit competition from nature. Mark and I once watched a swarm of locusts (grasshoppers) eat our entire garden in Boulder in a matter of hours. Ever wonder why Utah's license plates have a seagull on them? Read the story; it has to do with locusts.

We did make it into the galleries. But I was mesmerized by this woman's sleeve. If details like this make you giddy, may I suggest you click over to the Pattern Magic image pool on Flickr?
Afterwards, we went over to some friends' house for dinner. The joke among their college friends is that this family bought the house attached to the fruit orchard. I am a sucker for backyard fruit. I came home with a bag of grapefruit. Last weekend, I came home with two bags of oranges.The last time I blogged about the Getty Center, I posted only pictures of the ground cover. It is that interesting.

PS That's unpolished travertine in the first photo, showing it's oceanic origin. I can't recall how many million tons of travertine they imported from Italy (on order of 100 million tons). They used the same quarry that yielded the stone for the Roman coliseum. Of course I had to ask the tour guide how they got it from there to here. They used ships narrow enough to pass through the Panama canal, over 100 ship trips.

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