Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zero Waste Shorts

Inspired by Timo Rissanen (Fashion Creation Without Fabric Waste Creation), I managed to cut out a top, a bias skirt and this pair of shorts with just 3 yards of 54" wide linen.  There are no scraps bigger than 6" square after I was through.

The eagle-eyed may see where I pieced together the waistband piece.
I didn't have enough left over for pockets, but I found a lighter-weight coordinating cotton madras in my collection.
It's not terribly exciting, but it is comfy and suitable for bicycle-commuting.  I don't necessarily want to wear spandex bike shorts when I walk from my bicycle locker, through the main courtyard, across the cafeteria, up the stairs, down the hall, across my department main office bay, in front of my boss and our secretary...

My only beef with it is that it would be easier to ride if the shorts were shorter.
But then they wouldn't be safe for work...

At first, they looked like baggy pajamas, but I trimmed the crotch depth 1/4" at the CB, 1/2" at the sides and 3/4" at the CF at the top edge.  It isn't noticeable in the side view, but it improves the overall fit.
I can't believe that Butterick 5358 is discontinued already.  I originally bought it for the cool tied pants, only to discover they were some sort of weird applique thingy.  The pleated and pull-on shorts and capris are nice, though. 
It was a quick project, 2-3 hours total, including time fussing with the crotch depth.

Pattern Review is here.
Zero Waste design in the NY Times.


  1. Am very impressed by your waste free sewing!

  2. Cool use of fabric and cute shorts too.

  3. Cute shorts! And I love trying to see how much I can squeeze out of my fabric - it's a challenge

  4. I don't get the tie on the front of the pants. Why would you want strings hanging from the crotch?

    The shorts do look great.

  5. Nice. These should be very comfortable to wear around the house and garden as well.