Thursday, December 13, 2012

The bike as accessory

Sigrid had fun with the incongruity between the bicycles and the clothes featured with them.  That made me smile, too.

But I do really like this shirtdress that comes with separate bodice pieces for different cup sizes. I wouldn't attempt to ride a century (metric or English) in a dress, but I can certainly ride a bike for quick errands in a dress like this.

If McCall's actually made a separate pattern piece for A cups and the McCall's patterns didn't fit so inconsistently, I would be tempted.

The tech drawing shows pockets on both skirt options and a separate collar and band--exactly what I want in a classic shirt dress.  I also like the sleeve options and the bias slip.  It would be great for a cotton lawn with a silk habutai slip.

I've been burned too many times by McCall's inconsistent sizing to try this. I will watch the pattern reviews. I'm looking for a really good shirtdress pattern.  If you found one, tell me about it!


  1. Melissa Fehr has found an outstanding [IMHO] shirtdress in the second November issue of Manequim - described here -
    but I have no idea how one would lay hands on this periodical. [cue music] To dream...the impossible dream...

  2. I love the idea of riding a bike in a ballgown. It would certainly be a conversation starter as well as being death defying

  3. @Pamela, thanks for pointing out the Manequim shirtdress. The style lines are drool-worthy. I wonder if I can snag it at an international newstand? Or ask a Brazilian acquaintance where she picks up mags?


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