Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our children

I wrote something after Trayvon Martin's murder and then deleted it before posting.  I have nothing more  to say about Newtown that hasn't been eloquently said elsewhere.  I share the universal sorrow.

I recently read Richard Florida's The Geography of Gun Violence and that reminded me of the LA Times Homicide Report.  Each and everyone of the victims is someone's child.  I took a screen shot of the Homicide Map today.  Go to the map and zoom in.  The larger red dots will dissolve into smaller ones marking the location of every homicide.  Click on the small dots to learn more.

Gunshot is the predominant cause of death, cited in 3263 of the 4298 homicides in LA county since January 1, 2007 (just under 5 years).  Take a look at the senseless violence here.  Sometimes, the entries become a virtual wake for the victims, where people post their memories of the fallen.

Black, latino, white or Asian, they are all our children.

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