Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cable-wise, but in Merino, not Cashmere

I mentioned in Cable-wise, but not cashmere how I wanted to knit this pattern again, but in a nicer wool.  I had purchased a bag of Merinos Otto Shadow in Rose for another project, but found that the intricate cables of that pattern did not show up amid the yarn variegation.  I ripped that back and tried this pattern.

Now the yarn and the simple cables don't fight with each other for attention.
The cuff detail is lovely.

But, there is too much bulk in the upper sleeve and too much height in the sleeve cap.

In the cold, harsh light of day, I showed the color contrast between two balls of yarn from the same dye lot.  I ripped back one sleeve and reknit it, switching yarns every round or every other row (when knitting back and forth).  I can also see the striping effect where I switch between two balls, one light, and one dark.

I can live with the color shifts. If you look back at the top two photos of the front and back, you can see the subtle color shifts where I joined new yarn. Every ball is slightly different. But, I'm not happy with the sleeves. I may have to unseam them and reknit both sleeves. .Again.

Yes, Merinos Otto is a very soft yarn.  But I am done with superwash wool (except for socks).  Please remind me before I succumb again.

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  1. It is so pretty! I love the design.

  2. Hmmmm, I find it annoying to have to rip out and re sew something like a sleeve but to have to remove all that knitting, wow..... I think it's a beautiful sweater but admire you even more for persisting with making it work for you.

  3. I opted against picking out the sleeves and reknitting them. If I were to make this pattern a third time, I will knit the upper arms narrower. I am just too busy and lazy to be bothered; I can live with sub-optimal sleeves for this iteration.


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