Thursday, February 07, 2013

Teal Set

This is the only time you will see these two together as she has declared that she wouldn't be caught dead wearing a match-poo set like this.

During an archeological dig under my bed, I found a bin of refashioning potential, including this yellow button-down shirt from my Boulder days.  I got it in one of those "fill a bag for $5" sales at a thrift shop.  It was way too small for me and I saved it, possibly for quilting.  (Remember those dark days when we couldn't find yellow fabric for quilting and we had to scrounge for yellow clothes to cut up?)

I twisted the shirt up into two counter-rotating swirls and dunked it in soda ash and sapphire blue fiber reactive dye solution.  Serendipitously, the resultant greenish blue is a perfect match for the teal leggings (Kwik Sew 3476) I made her earlier this week.
I purchased the small piece of teal ponte knit at SAS Fabrics, an odd jobber that sells manufacturers' leftovers by the pound.  This piece was just large enough to cut out the leggings with almost nothing leftover.

This last growth spurt in the middle of winter threw me for a loop.  We had to come up with a new wardrobe in weeks.  Fortunately, I found 4 blouses she liked at Goodwill, chanced upon a sale at Lands '  End, and was able to make a few quick pieces.  She's all set until the next growth spurt and her trip to our sister city in Mexico in April.

Her wardrobe is replenished.  The ski underwear is done.  Her costume for the school play is done.  The part of the sets that I am responsible for is done.

It's time for selfish sewing.  I'm joining Little Hunting Creek for three months of sewing.  In February, it's time to sew something from silk.  Would it be cheating if I sewed something with cotton but lined it in silk?


  1. It said sew something from silk not that it had to be the outer garment. Sew whatever way you want since the point is to sew. Lined with silk sounds luscious although - FYI - the V8721 shrug would be fabulous in dupioni.

  2. Not cheating-the silk can be any part! A silk lining sounds VERY nice


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