Thursday, February 07, 2013


I slept on it and decided that my bias slip was showing.  I wrote:
5 years of daily practice, summer camps to train for math competition, really?
That's crazy talk from me.  When it came to violin, I (begrudgingly) practiced 2 hours per day and improved accordingly.  When it came to sports, I willingly practiced 2-5 hours a day.  I went to volleyball camp.   I went to orchestra camp.  Why did I diss Mathcounts camp?

Mea culpa and please call me when you hear crazy talk from me again.


  1. I love your blog! I have the same reaction. When i read your comment originally, it seemed an obvious thing to scoff at. But I wouldn't have the same reqction to a sport, even though I would choose maths practice over sports practice 100 times. If nerds don't think math is cool, who will?

  2. I thought the same thing at first, so we're both guilty. But why not? Got to get those ten thousand hours in somewhere. I was teased for being in a computer club in high school,but now that's my career. Came in handy when there were no teaching jobs ;)

  3. I once spent a week at math camp and it was the best camp week ever. There were all sorts of problem lists and everywhere you went there would be little groups of people solving problems...all of whom were happy to have you join them. And no one thought it at all strange if you wanted to sit in a corner by yourself chewing on the end of your pencil.

  4. It all depends on what you find fun. My friends can't imagine a week at a sewing camp which I think sounds like pure heaven while their preferred all inclusive resort sounds like just the opposite.


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