Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tidepooling tomorrow at Abalone Cove

I've previously blogged on and on about tidepooling in Abalone Cove.  Tomorrow, we'll have another low-tide opportunity to putter around the tidepools and visit critters in their rocky homes.  Meet at the Abalone Cove State Park parking lot at 1:00 pm for a docent-led hike.  Wear sturdy walking shoes that you don't mind getting wet and bring a towel for drying off and a water bottle.
February 24, 2013 (1:00 pm) ~ Join the Los Serenos docents on a public hike to the tide pools at Abalone Cove Shoreline Park (the parking fee will be waived up to 45 minutes prior to the hike and 30 minutes after).
View the daily tide predictions for LA.

This is a very fun activity for kids and the young at heart.  And, tomorrow, the rangers are providing free parking.

Did I mention that whales and dolphins frolic offshore from the tidepools?  Today, the whale-spotters saw 9 whales and much breaching activity, including synchronized breaching (like synchronized swimming, only on a much larger scale).
Message from the observers: One of our northbound pairs there was rolling and the side of the flukes. They milled for a while and their blows were backlit by the setting sun so their blows were pink in color. On two occasions they synchronized their fluke up dives - very pretty. Three of our five sightings were large whales that fluked; this included our southbound whales. FIN whales were seen throughout the day. We counted over eight whales, there were five in just one group. There was one whale that had a "massive blow", but no one used a scope to see if it was a FIN whale or a BLUE whale. Also seen were COMMON, BOTTLENOSE and PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED dolphins. There were a series of three green flashes that each turned blue at the end. We have taken to augmenting the viewing of the green flashes by using our scopes.

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  1. We used to go there on school field trips. I never saw any blue whales; they were super rare then. I'm jealous of your warm weather!


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