Friday, November 01, 2013

Escape from the technology graveyard

Iris and her friend came up with an improvement on the original plan.

Note the eyes shaped like electronic on/off switches.  Go, little pumpkin, go!  Run like the wind!

Speaking of wind, Pennamite and I met for coffee before picking up our CSA produce for the week.  She sewed and crocheted her costume with materials almost entirely thrifted, much of it sourced from Trash for Teaching.

Rain, hail, graupel...
...and a rainbow.


  1. The yarn was all thrifted. I did buy some fishing line and reflective tape at Kurt's Hardware, and tulle, and a little packet of silvery pony beads. But the shoelaces at the shoulders, and the jersey strips, were from Trash for Teaching.

    1. In that case, I'll amend the post and add the Wardrobe Refashion tag.


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