Sunday, December 07, 2014

Meetup in San Francisco?

I'm going to American Geophysical Unions Fall Meeting in San Francisco.  I fly in mid-day on Saturday, December 13.  The meeting starts on Monday, December 15.  That means I have 1.5 days to play in San Francisco.

Any one want to meet up for retail therapy?  Museum going?  Dining?  I'm up for almost anything reachable by public transit (or if you can drive).  I'm a returning SFBA native.  So, if you are also visiting for AGU, I can guide you to some of my favorite SF haunts.

I'm saving the weekend after the meeting for visiting with my family.  I'm bringing an extra-large suitcase to hold a poster tube and for treasures that have to come home with me.


  1. So sorry to have missed this chance to meet you--will read more diligently for next time!

    1. We had a lovely time. I will post about it shortly.


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