Saturday, December 06, 2014

Slow Sewing

There is so much going on in my life that interferes with my ability to sew. It will end someday and I will have a fantastic sewing space.  It's just going to be painful for the next 6 months.

 Since I took this photo, I've sewn the patterned duvet top together. There was just barely enough fabric so I had an excuse not to try to match the pattern.  The red African fabric has the irregular pattern characteristic of hand-printed fabric.  It would have driven me crazy to try to match the stripes.  (Remember my past experience with matching an African hand-printed fabric?)

 This weekend, I hope to find some time to make the button closure band and sew it to the cozy flannel backing.

I also hope to finish laying out my AGU poster and complete all sections except for formatting the references.

Update:  See the completed duvet in Not Square.

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  1. Not matching the stripes on purpose is a valid artistic choice. Plus, the color is lovely


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