Friday, December 05, 2014

Are you going to AGU?

I should be working on my poster presentation.  But, I got hung up on some technical hurdles and further sidetracked by user questions.

Instead, I wrote up some user guidance documents that explains some things data users should understand so that they can use data appropriately and responsibly.  (This is the iceberg in big data.)
Go ahead, geek out!


  1. Anonymous18:11

    My brain just shut down but I do think your poster presentation would make a fabulous fabric print. I'm very into magenta these days. And green. And red. And black. Beautiful.
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. I didn't make this particular plot; I grabbed it from Unisys (who made it with public domain data). However, I can make you a plot in the public domain for use in Spoonflower. It will have to wait until after AGU. ;-)

  2. Anonymous07:39

    You are SO SWEET! Thanks for the offer but I was really thinking of it for you. As in, would it be fun to go to a conference wearing a print of something you'd been working on?
    Vancouver Barbara


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