Monday, November 30, 2015

The BMGM LA food tour

People in Boulder ask what I like to do when I am in LA.

I eat.

Bad Dad is a good cook and LA boasts some fantastic low-cost restaurants.  You can take a culinary world tour without traveling far.

On my last trip, I visited some favorite restaurants:
  • Rosalind's Ethiopian Cuisine (Ethiopia and Nigeria) on Fairfax.  Vegetarian sampler, fish tibs, yedoro wot.
  • Rice Things (Japan) in north Redondo Beach.  Tempura udon/soba.
  • Lee's Tofu (Korea) in Gardena.  Everything there comes with a bottomless kimchee bar.  I eat a tofu/seafood hot pot, but my carnivore DD likes the Korean BBQ ribs.  We split the combo.
  • Dumpling House (Taiwan) in Gardena.  Small plates.  Taiwanese street food in a casual setting.
  • Panchos' Tacos (Mexico) in RB

Fish tibs at Rosalind's
Lee's Tofu and Dumpling House are just two of the dozen restaurants in bustling pan-Asian Tozai Plaza.  We haven't had a bad meal in that strip mall yet, but we haven't tried the Marie Calendar's.

Bubbling seafood tofu combo with beef ribs and bottomless kim chee at Lee's Tofu in Gardena, CA. When you finish your kim chee and other sides, just ask for more.

And this is why I lose weight in Boulder, but regain it all in LA.

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  1. Now you've made me crave Dumpling House!

    Marie Callender's is OK if you want something (chicken, turkey, lemon cream) in a pie crust.


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