Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back from Camp

We returned last night from the Lair of the Golden Bear family camp. Following Pat's example, I make one tile each year to commemorate the visit. Last year's tile looks like this.

Here is this year's tile.

While there is an official Lair packing list, it leaves out some crucial information. How were newcomers to know that they should bring wine and cheese for cocktail hour (from 5pm till the dinner bell)? Or that food must be kept in sealed, squirrel-proof plastic bins? So here is our family's list.

Lair Packing List

• Twin sheets for cots
• Sleeping bags
• Towels: beach, bath, hand, washcloths

Things for keeping warm:
• Heating pad
• Electric blanket
• Comforter to throw on over sleeping bag

Clothing: (Dress in layers that can be peeled off)
• Hats
• Swimsuits
• Cover-ups
• Swim goggles
• Long underwear (good also for pjs)
• Sweatpants for pulling on over shorts or long underwear (2)
• Hiking shoes and socks
• Mountain biking clothes and shoes
• Anorak for wind or rain
• Polarfleece jacket
• Sweater or sweatshirt
• Sun blocking shirts, shorts, pants
• T-necks and t-shirts

General Organization: (most cabins have shelves)
• Keep clothes in clear plastic bins (66 Qt Sterilite fits under most cots), 1 per camper
• Extra plastic bins for food (to keep critters out)
• Sports equipment, 1 bin per sport
• IKEA Komplement folding drawer organizers (great for corralling odds and ends on shelves)

Home Comforts:
• Stacking plastic tables
• kids chairs
• Folding camp chairs (not needed at Oski)
• Folding table
• Clamp-on shop lights with fluorescent bulbs
• Clothes line and pins
• Laundry detergent, 1 scoop/sandwich Ziploc, encased in larger Ziploc
• 1 flashlight/camper
• Walkie-talkies
• Extension cords
• Xmas lights
• Plastic bags for trash

First Aid:
• Sunscreen for face and body
• First aid kit
• Toiletry kits
• Ice bag
• Mosquito repellent

• Cocktail hour shareables
• Soda and juice boxes
• Snacks
• Trail food

Art and Leisure Supplies:
• Personal paint brushes (they supply cheap ones)
• Knitting or other handwork
• Old t-shirt or smock (throwing pottery is messy!)
• Books
• Journals and sketchbooks
• Camera

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  1. Thanks for this list! We're headed back to Camp Blue (Week 4) for the second time and need to get packing.

    Go bears!


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