Monday, June 26, 2006

Home from Camp, II

This was our home away from home the past week.

It seemed like the laundry would never end. I also visited 4 doctors today for followup care for my illnesses which flared up last week. It appears that my medical disability period will need to be extended.

Before I lost vision in my left eye, this was the view that awaited me every morning as I stepped out of the cabin. Not a bad place to sit and knit, non?

As mountain biking and hiking were out of the question, I had plenty of time to finish the swirled pentagon pullover sweater which I have renamed (drumroll) Plum Blossom. Mark said that this sweater would be a really good seller at the pentagon gift shop. But that pentagon has linear forms. These are curvy and reminded me of fruit blossoms. The color is just right for plum blossoms.

Here is a closeup of the yoke

and this is the back, showing the waist shaping.

I did not find any additional errors in the pattern . It was really a fun and challenging design. Like Grumperina, I thought the sweater came together really well.

I tweaked the pattern slightly.
  1. I used a different yarn which yielded a looser gauge. I compensated by following knitting instructions for a petite size body and yoke and a small size sleeve.
  2. I added waist shaping, making 4 decreases/increases every 6 rows 5 times.
  3. This one is a biggie. I translated the instructions for knitting the sweater in the round. I joined the sleeves and the body at the underarm as in a traditional yoked sweater. After 8 rows, I divided up the knitting in 2 parts, left and right side. After binding off the last of the body stitches (row 26 after joining), I finished the sleeve (39 rows after joining).
  4. I made the decreases decorative, like the ones I learned in making this cardigan.
  5. If I were to make the sweater again, I would have made the sleeve cap about 2 rows shorter. Your row gauge may be different than mine, but I think the fit of my sweater would have been improved without the very slight wrinkle at the sleeve cap.
  6. I omitted the turtleneck.
  7. I did not fasten off the half pentagon at the back neck until there were 2 stitches in each section. (The pattern said 6 stitches.)
I bought the yarn at the Gardena Marukai 98 cents store for 98 cents a 50 g ball. The label said it is 100% Peruvian cotton, manufactured in Japan. I bought 14 balls and used 12. The yarn sure is soft to wear and washes well. I did not find the yarn in the Torrance Marukai store (but found some sushi-shaped candles which were not available in Gardena). Did anyone find the yarn at the Marukai stores in Hawaii? I would love to get more, but can't find any more in Los Angeles.
keywords: knitting nature, swirled pentagon pullover, lair of the golden bear, Norah Gaughan

Links: see the completed yoke, before sewing to the sweater body.


  1. A visitor from the KAL, come to see more of that sweater. It's beautiful, even in pink (I don't like pink); adds to my desire to make one!

  2. Anonymous06:38

    Your sweater came out fantastic! It looks so great on you, and I love the color. Also it's nice to see the original 1x1 ribbed pentagons, rather than the stockinette ones like I made. Great job, I hope you enjoy wearing it!

  3. Wow, the Lair of the Bear cabins appear unchanged in the last 25 years! I wish was going this year.

  4. What a beuatiful pattern, and I like the new name!

  5. Anonymous18:31

    ...where was this? Mountains?
    beuatiful sweater, love the pattern.



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