Monday, July 03, 2006

Bye-bye Adele

I made Mark drive me to LACMA Thursday evening to see the
Klimt paintings before they left for New York. We arrived at 645 pm and waited in a line that stretched around the building. Iris was impatient, but we told her it was really important that we see those 5 paintings. By 7 pm, the staff told people not to bother getting in line as they were not likely to get in before the gallery closing at 8 pm.

Iris was bereft when she found out that the paintings were leaving forever. She blamed us for not bringing her to see them earlier. How could we give her only 10 minutes with her favorite painting in the whole wide world (Adele I) and then tell her that it was leaving forever in 2 days!

The gold portrait called Adele I was really stunning. I have never seen such a sumptious painting before. Photographs do not do it justice. The silver amid the gold just do not read in photographs of the painting. Iris and I also spent time admiring the color and composition of the later portrait called Adele II. Something about it reminds me of Matisse's the Girl with the Green Eyes. Note how both subjects face the viewer squarely and that the backgrounds are broken up by horizontal lines below the faces with off-center vertical lines below in both pictures. The top portion of both also contain asian motifs.

The next day, I had a cortisone injection in my L eye in the hopes of improving my vision. It was about as painful as it sounds, but it really did help. Maybe when I can see clearly again, our whole family can go to NYC to visit Adele I again. How was I to know that the painting Iris didn't even want to wait in line to see would be her all-time favorite piece of art?

Anyone know family-friendly and moderately-priced places to stay in NYC?

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  1. From the link you provided, I think I prefer Adele II. It must be like you say - the metallic colors don't reproduce well.

  2. I wouldn't say all time, as here we are 9 years later, and my fave piece of all time is probably Metropolis II.


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