Sunday, July 30, 2006

LA had weather and I missed it

Several years ago, I attended an American Meteorological Society meeting mixer. Our nametags give our names and hometowns (usually our work hometowns). Mine said Los Angeles. I overheard lots of comments along the lines of, "Florida, wow! Hurricanes!"; "Oklahoma, awesome! Tornadoes!" When people saw my nametag, they said, "I am so sorry."

There is even a movie about the lack of weather in LA.

So I left town and what happened? My husband told me I missed the best thunderstorm and lightning show in years. Then it rained HARD at our house. See the history here. See what caused it here. (scroll down to Emelia)

At least Iris and I got to witness some weather events in Colorado. Rain is such an unusual event for her, that she breaks out in "Singing in the Rain" and imitates Gene Kelly whenever she experiences it. This kid seriously needs an agent.

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