Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Inspiration or Plagiarism?

When does inspiration cross the line into intellectual property theft? The holiday issue of Vogue Knitting shows the above cabled coat. It is a lovely coat but it looked familiar. Below is a scan of a photo of an Alexander McQueen cabled coat from the trend report of the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting. The copy replaced part of the 1x1 ribbing of the original with garter stitch ribbing. Nevertheless the similiarity is striking. Would you be upset if you were Alexander McQueen?

Cabled Cardigan Update
The scarf collar portion is 33" long now. Unfortunately, I may run out of yarn before the requisite 54". I bought only 5 100g balls of Patons Classic Wool in Grey Mix because I had originally intended to use a coordinating silk tussah yarn for the scarf portion. I used up 3 2/3 balls for the body and sleeves. The first 29" of the cabled scarf ate up the last whole ball. I don't know how much length I can eke out of the last 1/3 of a ball.

I went back to the store three times to look for more with no luck. Each time, they have plenty of the dark grey but the light grey bin is always empty! (I go to physical therapy 2-3x weekly and pass the store on the way home.)

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  1. you know, since they both came out this season, I've got to wonder if some kind of colaboration ensues with McQueen getting to use the item for RTW and Teriokhin having the rights to the written pattern, but I don't know how to quickly find that out.

    I do know that both the magazine and the Fashion lines are done months ahead, really too far ahead for anyone to plagerize a current model. Submissions for magazines are months before, then their is the photo shot and the (albeit poor) editing process.

    Actually, the more I think about it, McQueen would have had more oppurtunity to plagerize.

    makes you go hmmmmmm


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