Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dragon Teeth

I am still knitting, but not on anything that requires concentration. I stopped by Artfibers twice during my week in San Francisco. The first time, I showed great restraint and only bought this scarf kit. The colors leapt out at me because they reminded me of peacock feathers.

I have been obsessed with peacock feather imagery ever since the Waist Down exhibit. The colors of the yarns don't show up very well in this scan, but they contain many of the rich shades seen in peacock feathers. I think I will finish the edges of this scarf with fluffy black fur yarn.

Speaking of peacock feathers, I finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams during the trip. I have admired BK's work since listening to Prodigal Summer last summer (while I was laid up in bed with an infection, uveitis and laryngitis). She renders characters from a wide variety of backgrounds with such sympathy and understanding. Some look at a bunch of people and see differences. Others see commonality. Barbara Kingsolver is certainly the latter type.

Later in the week, I returned and bought another scarf kit and yarn for two more sweaters. While swatching in the yarn tasting bar that late afternoon, I met Thomasina, who was also in town for AGU. Check out her guide to geeky knitting. She recalled reading my essay in Cheaper than Therapy. She didn't say if she liked it, but someone actually read me.

That's all folks.

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