Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This isn't the way it happens in the movies

You know how the cavalry rides in at the end of the movie and save the day?  Well, Bad Dad strolled in before midnight last Saturday night.  Bad mom that I am, Iris was still awake.

Hallelujah, my ten days and nights as single mom (with a cold and a child with a cold) and struggling to keep up with an avalanche of work at my market job were over!

Well, not quite.

Bad dad came in, relieved that his ten days and nights of working the graveyard shift at his field experiment were over.  He had a huge cumulative sleep deficit and wanted nothing more than to sleep, eat and then sleep some more.

Our house and garden are a disaster area.  There will be no pictures.

I did manage to foist Iris off on some other families so that I could zoom off to UCLA's Fowler museum to listen to Beatrice Hohenegger's overview about the exhibit, Steeped in History: The Art of Tea.  I learned some interesting tidbits, which I would like to share in post later.  I also bought her book so I could learn more.  I must bring Iris to see the exhibit.  It runs until November 29, 2009. 

But, first, I need to take her to see Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples at LACMA. That is another well-curated show that I don't want her to miss.


  1. Did you see the LA Times article on Tea Habitat?


  2. Brent, thanks for the link!

    I will definitely have to check this place out.

    I was horrified to see westerners throw out tea bags after a single use. After all, my mother would never serve the first brew to a guest. Guests always receive the second brewing, which is more subtle and less harsh. The third brew is a bit weak (at least for the teas we could afford), but we serve that in a pinch.

    Why throw out the tea leaves when they are just coming into their own?


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