Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last time I blogged about sewing, I had made a hot pink dress for Iris. In preparation, I had threaded the serger with fuchsia thread. But then I constructed the entire dress with clean-finished instead of serged edges.  It wasn't a waste of time because I had planned to make coordinates for Chevron Not-a-Tank.  (I was coming off the success of the sweater, top and skirt combo in Unsuitable for plaids and stripes and very enthused about making coordinates.)

This is a good color match for the sweater.

I made the jacket on the left (Vogue 8566) and the skirt on the right (Vogue 8134).

I was worried that the loosely-woven cotton would not be stiff enough, so I used a firmly-woven cotton for the facing.  I needn't have worried. After I interfaced the front, it wasn't going anywhere.

My super high-tech method of basting the loops so they wouldn't shift while stitching.

Iris grudgingly took some photos. I recently purchased this navy skirt, but it might be too short to wear to work.  The funny expression on my face?  That will last another year or so until the braces come off*.

The fuchsia fabric needed some kind of lining. You can see right through it if the light is behind it. I had a paisley challis. Instead of making a lining, I sewed them wrong sides facing each other so that the skirt would be reversible. 

I made the paisley side slightly shorter. The hem is not straight.

It doesn't matter because I don't like how the hem pokes stiffly out. The jacket fabric, which looked like a heavy-weight gauze, turned out to be a lot firmer than I gave it credit for.

And the chevron sweater? It turned out to be a lot baggier than I had planned. I gave it to the world's greatest nanny for her birthday. She looks lovely in it. I will upload pictures later.

So I made three fuchsia things and only one was a keeper.

The full pattern reviews were posted on
Vogue 8134 Skirt
Vogue 8566 Jacket

* My dentist said that I could either say goodbye to my molars, or I could fix their alignment.  I got braces in February 2009.  The orthodontist claims I am on track to finish in 18 months total.  We will see. At first, when I only had bands on the back teeth,  it wasn't too bad.  When they installed hardware on my lower front braces, I became very grouchy and have limited facial expression.  (Why would anyone get botox?)

So the woman who has no time has picked up another fiber hobby.   Flossing her teeth every night.  ;-)


  1. I like the paisley side of the skirt. But you are right about the awkwardness of the hem.

    The jacket is lovely!

  2. I have plenty of the paisley left over to make a floaty skirt and a short-sleeved top. But I am going to wait until the Spring.

    For Fall, I am itching to make something teal.

  3. Love your sewing (my hobby, too) and your adult braces! I had them last year at age 53 to close a gap in the lower front teeth. They were the traditional metal ones, though the little cube brackets are so much smaller than the full-band type I had as a teen. It was all done in 12 months and now I'll wear my retainer every night! I'm so please with the results. By the way, they say that more than one million people over the age of 18 have braces, so smile - you're not alone!

  4. I'm happy you have some paisley left over because it so pretty even though the hem didn't work on that version. I love the pink jacket.

    I am seeing my dentist next week to discuss bracing. I have some rather mild crowding but it is beginning to affect my front bite, and I can no longer bite through foods well. I wore braces as a teenager, but my wisdom teeth came in when I was in my 20's. Two have been removed, but there are still some problems in my small mouth.

  5. The Good Mom/Bad Mom name is hilarious, though I agree with the comment that the drawing probably meant dad not bad! I've gotten pretty good at being in two places at once but have never mastered three. BTW, if you'd ever like to review my cookbook for adults in braces, please get in touch with me - I'd love to get feedback.


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