Thursday, October 01, 2009


I found this great pink leopard print cotton jersey at the Cotton Shop. I bought a yard, thinking I could make any kind of Iris-sized top with that. She looked at it, and then said that animal prints are my thing, not hers.

All-righty, I made a top for her younger cousin; she has a birthday coming up. There was enough left over to make a hooded shirt. Can you imagine a 4 yo hiding under that hood?

When Iris saw the hoodie, she asked for one of her own. Fortunately, they had some more (and in two colorways). 1.25 yards and a couple of hours later...

Walking to school, you can see the hood behind the backpack.

Morning yoga in the school yard. (This is, after all, LA.)

I highly recommend Kwik Sew 2893. You may recall seeing it last summer in Sweatshop. She's grown from a size 7-8 to a size 10 in the past year. The full pattern review is here.

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