Friday, November 13, 2009

Proof that cell phone use impairs driving

I was driving east on crowded Manhattan Beach Boulevard, performing my soccer mom duties, when this humongous SUV kept veering into my lane.  I looked over to see if the driver was drunk or perhaps having a stroke.  Nope, he was driving while talking on his hand-held cell phone, which BTW is illegal in California.

I told Iris to quickly get out the camera and catch him in flagrante delicto. He looked at our car and the camera and put down the phone. A few hundred yards later, he picked up the phone again. Iris managed to get some good photos.  Notice the height differential between our Prius and his Porsche Cayenne S.  His bumpers are aimed squarely at our head and shoulder height.  He's not paying attention to where he is aiming that 5000 pound weapon.

If you see this car, steer clear. He's a menace to society.


  1. I wish every state would ban cell phone use while driving, and I wish those that have already would enforce it.

  2. Ppl who talk or text on cells while driving make me so mad! There was a recent NYTimes article about this...a young British girl is serving 2 years in jail for texting while driving, which distracted her enough to kill someone:


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