Monday, November 02, 2009

TSA Story

I was running late to catch a flight two Sundays ago.  When I went through the security checkpoint, everything came out except for my laptop.  What was wrong?

I saw two TSA employees in discussion and looking at my laptop. They signaled a third one to come over and take a look. Yipes! I asked them if there was something wrong.

One TSA employee said to another, "Why don't we ask her?"

So she turned to me and asked, "Did you make that case?"

Gulp.  "Yes."

She smiled and turned to the other one, "I told you that you can't buy a case like that."

Remember my not so minamalist laptop case?

I survived the heaviest October snowstorm in Colorado since 1997 and got home to LAX safely.  I will be in Pasadena (Caltech) later this week.  In two weeks, I will be in Boston.  In four weeks, I will be in DC.  It looks like that laptop case will get around. 

Sadly, I lost the minimalist camera case in Twain Harte, CA; the one I made to replace it was lost inside Hoover Dam.  I am sad about the second one.  I used a vintage button and the last bits of two fabrics.  I didn't even have time to blog about it and Iris dropped it during the Hoover Dam tour.  She did take some nice photos, though.  Perhaps she can help me make the next case.

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  1. Well, I somehow missed the laptop case the first time around, but I can see why the TSA employees liked it. Glad to see it now.


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