Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shameless plea for votes

No, not Massachusetts. This is really important.  ;-)

I entered my 4 t-shirt skirt in the Pattern Review Refashion Contest. If you are a member of, take a look at the contest gallery. If you should be moved to vote for my entry, vielen Dank!

BTW, I know many people are in shock about what happened in MA yesterday. But, I noticed that none of the MSM outlets and talking heads (or at least none that I follow) say that she lost because she was a woman. Remember what they did to Pat Shroeder? There has been some progress.


  1. I love this skirt - I'll go vote now. And I am mad at Massachusetts. Their motto seems to be - we got our health care, the rest of you can go suffer.

  2. More on the double standard in the Massachusetts election and in coverage thereof:

    And since you were asking: $2/item sale on clothing at Goodwill, January 29 and 30. I think it's all Goodwills in the area, but I saw the sign at the Artesia store.

    LOVE the colors in that skirt.

  3. Well if one sleeps at the wheel one will inevitably crash. You were obviously wide awake & paying attention while making this skirt, and got a very lovely result. Congrats.

  4. Anonymous08:10

    GORGEOUS skirt! Is it for sale? ;-)

  5. Thanks.
    No, it is not for sale, but Alabama Chanin sells on line and in stores. There is no way I can produce and sell such labor intensive clothes less than their prices. Not w/ LA's cost of living.


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