Saturday, June 05, 2010

Another full day

Continuing the theme from yesterday...

We spent the morning at Tanaka Farms CSA day.  We had a grand time in the strawberry fields.  Notice the juice-stained hands.

Bad Dad couldn't join us; he was busy working at our company's 50th Birthday Bash.  We brought him some strawberries in a gigantic red onion skin.

The strawberries had such a delicious musky aroma today; we had hoped he could use his super-sensitive spectrometer to see what was off-gassing.  (My money was on alkenes, but Iris just asked me, "What's that?")  But, that spectrometer was not set up for the open house.

Iris hammed it up with the infrared camera.  Like her ice cube "lipstick"?
She's got the whole world on her shoulders.
And an aurora on her face.
The rocket-shaped red velvet cake at top and cupcakes (not pictured) were made by Erin.  She's not exaggerating.  Those cakes tasted as good as they looked.  We will be ordering our special event cakes from her in the future.  You can see the rocket cake before it was served here.

More later.  I deserve some rest after this day.

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