Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Out for the count

I am flat on my back, propped up in bed with half a dozen pillows, full of pain killers and muscle relaxants.  They must be working because I can actually bear to sit up enough to prop the laptop on my legs.

Another mother told me about the night she heard her potty-training daughter get up, tinkle, flush, wash her hands, and put herself back in bed without asking for help.

I just heard my free-range child let herself into the house after walking home from her new school (1.2 miles away).  She was singing and she remembered to close the door.


  1. Yikes!! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh no! Feel better soon.

  3. Oh dear! So sorry that you aren't doing so well. Feel better soon.

  4. Sorry you're feeling so bad - hope it's improving.

    Also, new school? Is that because middle school is separate?

  5. Thanks for the well wishes. I had my first physical therapy session today and he diagnosed mostly muscle damage with some nerve involvement. That should bode for a faster recovery than sciatica.

    Yup, she's in 6th grade. There was so much drama getting her settled into the right classes. Someone really dropped the ball when transferring placement recommendations between the elementary and middle schools. The line to fix the fiasco was soooo long.

  6. I'm so sorry you're sick - I hope you feel betetr soon. And free range children are the best! My two are grown now, and very good at navigating airports, train stations, tipping cabs and ordering in restaurants. I recommend the practice highly


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