Friday, June 06, 2008

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The carbon footprint from tourism
Tourism is a big and important business. It draws on the wealth of people in developed nations and helps transfer some of those resources to businesses and communities in emerging and some of the least developed markets.

But tourism also is responsible for about 5 percent of global greenhouse gases, according to Geoffrey Lipman, the assistant secretary-general at the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
Off the Grid, but Plugged In
“If it’s a nice, bright sunny day and you’re doing the laundry, instead of throwing the stuff in the dryer, you might decide to throw it on the line for a few hours,” he said. “You start adjusting your way of life around some of the natural rhythms of nature.”
I feel really guilty about the carbon output of all the trips I took in the last year. But, if you have lived through as many illnesses and close calls as I have in the past few years, you will understand why I felt like I had to live it up a little bit to celebrate. At least I use a clothesline and flew coach.

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