Monday, June 30, 2008

Seeing Stars

This started out as a white knit skort, found at a thrift store. I had planned to dye it, but Iris said she wanted to wear it plain white. After a year, it got rather grungy. We dyed it during our last tie-dye playdate. The bag with this skort was somehow overlooked and never massaged. The color came out very uneven.

I suggested to Iris that we even out the darker patch using dishwashing gel with bleach (see an example in Dye Workshop). She was not receptive to the idea. I offered textile paint instead and she selected purple paint. The 4 rows of stars were stenciled using part of a roll of metallic trim (?) I obtained from SAS Fabrics. They came in several colors/patterns for $1 per roll. I bought large and small dots and small stars. I will try to take and post a picture of them later.

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