Monday, June 09, 2008

Sky Writing

Like Eric and My Buddy Mimi, I have more respect for sky writing than Banner Towing Aircraft. My Buddy Mimi says that she saw "Tori & Dean" in the sky. I captured the "To" on my way to work last Friday. I wish I had stuck around for the ampersand. That takes some skill. Another reason that sky-writing doesn't bother me as much is that the aircraft fly higher. Consequently, they appear less noisy to the spectator on the ground.

Where did I last see sky-writing? In Silverlake, through the Golden Vortex.

A few more pictures of the Golden Vortex.

While sifting through the August 2005 pictures, I came across the Crystal Cove Pullover, blogged about when I was writing for my sister's blog. See the entry here. Its curves remind me of the Golden Vortex.

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