Sunday, June 08, 2008

How I spent the day

This is the only wardrobe refashion for the past four weeks. Several years ago, I succumbed to marketing and bought not one, but two (buy 1, get the second for $1) pairs of pants in the spectacularly unflattering 24" inseam length the stores call "cropped" pants. I shortened them to the much more flattering 18" "capri" length favored by Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The other pair is even hot pink, just like Jackie O's!

I bought the vintage blouse in a thrift shop about 20 years ago. The shoulders don't fit me well, but look at the collar detail!

I also threw one of my semi-annual tie-dye parties today. I will try to post some pix of today's creations later this week. Until then, you can look at a wardrobe refashion from a couple of years ago. This polo shirt used to be sage green until an unfortunate encounter with soy sauce. I tied it up into a soft spiral twist, then dyed it in a Ziploc bag with sapphire blue Procion fiber-reactive dye. One of Iris' stained skorts got similar treatment today.

Iris wanted to make a heart tie-dye shirt. We zigzag stitched over a piece of waxed flat sinew. I am so glad I shelled out the $ for this, because it works so much better than string or dental floss.


  1. Love the shirts- both of them. That collar is great! And dye... don't get me started. It's pure heaven :-)

  2. Anonymous16:46

    I'm not involved in "re-fashioning" quite as you are, but for the last several years, the only clothing I've added to my wardrobe are used items from EBay or items I've bought from artists at crafts fairs, the latter being variations of tie-dye, which I love (except for the stereotypical old-fashioned "hippie" style). (BMGM, how I'd love to buy some of your creations.)

  3. Email me at badmomgoodmom at gmail dot com. Maybe you can come to the next tie-dye party. I also might be doing a tie-dye party in the valley near your home.

    I don't sell my creations because I don't want to set a precedent for making below minimum wage at this stage in my career. Someone offered to pay me to make them a plum blossom sweater. I multiplied the number of hours by my day job consulting rate and added in the cost of materials. It is a $5000 sweater. Very few people can afford that.

  4. love the shirts. The collar is great and I still want to get started playing with of these days but I know i will be hooked on yet something else.


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