Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Range Kids 4

I forgot to mention earlier that, a 13 year old girl was abducted and raped while walking to a school less than 5 miles away from Iris' school. I learned about it after I started to let her walk on her own. By then, she was so proud of her new independence, I didn't have the heart to dampen her enthusiasm.

Like the last time a similar incident occurred in our area, the rapist targeted a girl in a working class Hispanic neighborhood. Criminals believe that those girls are less likely to be quickly reported missing, giving them more time for a getaway.

Oddly, this incident made national news. I found the story on the website of a Long Island newspaper almost 3000 miles away. Read it there, if you must. Why do you think they ran this story?

No mention is made that more than half the Hispanic American girls born recently will develop type 2 diabetes and suffer early death and disability. Regular exercise, such as walking, can help prevent them from coming down with the disease.

I don't stop Iris if she wants to walk alone to school while I finish the dishes. I do walk a few minutes later, to sign her into after school daycare. I give her a hug while she is lined up with the other students in the schoolyard.

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