Sunday, June 29, 2008


Weather persistence is when today's weather is about the same as yesterday's. This explains why LA's carbon footprint is so small. Read more about this report at the Brooking's institute website.

Visit The Varying Impact of Gas Prices to see the percent of income spent on gasoline by US county. The recent jump in gas prices has increased the amount our household spends on gasoline to nearly 1% of our income. I guess this means I should drive less and bicycle more.


  1. Hey Iris, you are a star! I'll show this to Chaia when she gets home. You two will be busy when you get together... Moms out of the way for sure.
    And mom, we'll be busy too :-)
    I so sympathize with Iris' itch dilemma. The scarf is simply beautiful, I do hope she can wear it- it looks fab around her waist. Fun to see your sewing projects. I have an Elna Xquisit II which I love (and my back-up is an old 820 Bernina, which never breaks- they sure don't make them like they used to.)

  2. Anonymous18:34

    Glad to see those chilly nights you had on Monday and Tuesday are all over for the rest of the week. Our family is using the high price of gas as an excuse to bike more. But let's face it: it's just an excuse!

    Bonny and Rick say hi.



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