Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I did last week

Notice the very low water flow in the creek. Now why would a mother fret about her child playing around in this (in a posse of 5 feral children)?

The cool water beckons during a heat wave.

I threw the cereal bowl and Iris threw the cup. She painted the first layer of glaze before running off to a Little Oskis event. I finished up with two more layers. Mark and I wonder if children ever write #2 Dad on Fathers' Day presents?

I finished the Ribbon Lace scarf. (2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and a bit of leftover Artfibers Golden Chai.)

I started the Vera jacket from Mags Kandis' In Living Color.

I forgot to pack #7 double pointed needles for the sleeves. That necessitated a stop at By Hand Yarn down the valley in Sonora. I was low on cash and would not expect them to pay the credit card fee just to sell me <$10 worth of needles. My sister has been tempting me to create my own triangular lace shawl. Now, which pattern should I pick?

I also read a couple of books. Mark and I rode our tandem 3 out of 7 days. We tried to get going early to beat the heat, but we never got out of camp before 10:20. We always got back for lunch at noon. Each day, we became stronger and traveled a bit further, climbed a bit more.

Listen to the creek.

By Hand is a painterly yarn shop where they arrange the yarn in a color palette. The picture on their home web page does not do the shop justice. Additionally, the owner stocks handpaints from several local artisans at better prices than "down the hill". Sadly, the nearby Diamondback Grill where we used to love to eat is closed. We ate at the Miner's Shack instead. If you are touring California Gold Country, Sonora is well worth a visit.

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  1. I can imagine some young'un with two daddies labeling his father's day gifts "#1 dad" and "#2 dad," depending on who had been more indulgent the previous year. :)


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