Tuesday, January 11, 2011


from the Mt Meru Game Lodge and Sanctuary.
This eland was particularly friendly after Iris fed it some leaves out of her hand. It only has one horn; perhaps that is what brought it there to the game sanctuary.

That's Mt Meru, shrouded in mist. Kilimanjaro is also visible, if you stand at a certain point in the garden of the lodge.
Our photographer directed us to look like we are madly in love as we dined al fresco. Notice the ubiquitous tourist bottle of Kilimanjaro™ water. ( Who knew that Kilimanjaro is a registered trademark of the Coca Cola Company? How do you trademark a place name?)
It was the perfect place to rest after the 43-hour airplane hopscotch across three continents.
It's hard to tell lately, but this is primarily a knitting and sewing blog. Note I did make Iris' black skirt above and she tie-dyed the green top that the Eland was admiring.


  1. What beautiful pictures - what a glorious trip to take a child on. She will remember forever

  2. What beautiful pictures.

  3. Looks like a truly amazing trip!


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