Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Goth!

Iris told me that her new style ideal is a t-shirt emblazoned with a skull and crossbones adorned with a hair bow. Several manufacturers make them; some even come with pink sequined bows. I offered to buy her one but she doesn't literally want those shirts. She just likes the ironic humor of melding frothy girliness with the darkness of goth.

I thought it looked like Hello Kitty Gone Goth. She told me to shorten it to "Hello Goth!" Then she told me that she would prefer to call it "Girly Goth". A coworker asks how this differs from "Perky Goth" and "Gothic Lolita". Well, it is not a relentlessly upbeat as the former and has none of the sexual overtones of the latter.

May I present "Hello Goth!" the mommy and me edition? I made three of these skirts using two old sportshirts and three yards of stretch cotton poplin.
In the back view, you can see how I incorporated the hems of the shirts for an uneven hemline effect.
The pocket is too shallow to be functional now.
I also kept the sleeve placket just for fun.
In the lower left corner, you can see a sliver of skirt #3, which we gave away to someone* who admired Iris' skirt.
I've been sewing a lot of black and gray for my girly goth, including the Iris-sized blouse made of black cotton/lycra jersey with semi-sheer black dotted Swiss sleeves.

It wasn't until I used up 3 of the 3.5 yards of the stretch poplin before I realized it was perfect for Vogue 1220, a dress I really want to make up for spring. I went back to SAS Fabrics to see if they had more, but all I found was a 2 yard piece of it in black--not enough to make the dress. I will have to continue searching.
* I don't normally sew for people outside of close friends and family. But skirt #3 went to a doctor who saw me through a period of depressing and life-threatening illness. I strongly suspect that she spent more time with me than she was able to bill my insurance company for; I made an exception.

In 2011, I have sewn 15 things and blogged 6. That's a better ratio than 2010.

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  1. kind of cool, whatever you call it. Ooh that poplin would have been lovely. I think I want to make that dress too. I'm having trouble imagining myself getting out of my jeans though.

  2. Dork Tower (featuring Gilly the Perky Goth) is an excellent series.

    I like that Vogue dress, too!

  3. Hee hee. My ten-year-old made herself a messenger bag last fall with a skull & crossbones and ribbons on it.

    Good luck on your fabric hunt!

  4. those skirts are awesome - what a great idea! I'm feeling a little Girly Goth myself

  5. Anonymous06:22

    Cool - nice job!


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