Friday, March 04, 2011

The bullshit never ends

My bullshit detector went full tilt when I read Navy seeks to discharge sailor found asleep in bed with another male sailor in the WaPost today. We're fighting two wars. The middle east is aflame. Do you think our military has better things to do than to criminalize the consensual sleeping arrangements of our soldiers?
"The subterfuge is, they believe this kid is a homosexual, but they have no proof of it," said Gary Myers, Jones's civilian attorney. "So what they've done here is to trump this thing up as a crime. This is not a crime."
I read about this case and wondered why there wasn't similarly zealous prosecution for the sexual assaults on female officers at Tailhook. Out of 1,500 participants and witnesses, only 140 sailors were charged and only 80 were fined or moderately disciplined. Not one sailor was court-martialed or severely disciplined--unless you count the whistleblower. See the excerpt on page 256 of Managing Business Ethics.

Navy is reliving the ‘Tailhook’ scandal describes another case of harassment of homosexuals in the Navy.

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  1. Marie-Chiristine00:50

    Ah but that's different! The Tailhook officers were just WOMEN. They should have been more careful. What if those gay sailors felt up an innocent BOY??

    Of course it's all projection. They all wish they'd been participating at Tailhook, and they know what they'd do if they were gay.



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