Thursday, April 28, 2011

What would Rachel wear?

When Iris saw me in the dress, she squealed that this is very, very Rachel. We are a Gleek family.

Burda World of Fashion 16-1996-114.
The dress back. I finally understand the topology involved in the Fashion Incubator centered zipper tutorial . But there was a slight problem with the execution. ;-)
Afterwards, I discovered that I could pull the dress on over my head without opening up the zip. I could have saved myself a lot of work, but wouldn't have learned so much.

Speaking of learning so much, remember Burda 7517 FAIL? I got the idea to put a tuck inside the midriff dart from that pattern. So the experience was not a complete fail because I learned what to do and what not to do.

Here's Iris' catalog shot with a garden prop. We've had such lovely weather.
I wanted to make myself a little something from recycled textiles for Earth Day. This dress is 95% recycled content, about half post-consumer waste. The bottom section is made from a men's thrift store poplin shirt. The top section is white quilting muslin lined in cotton voile. The only new stuff is thread.

  • Burda World of Fashion 06-1995-114.
  • Size 40.
  • I narrow the neckline for all my tops and dresses.
  • The original pattern had plain darts. I changed the bodice dart to gathers and removed some of the width as a SBA.
  • I added the tuck in the lower section to give my quadriceps more room.
  • The dress pattern called for one color, but I like the color contrast. Besides, how else could I have used the shirt?
  • One men's XL poplin shirt, 1/2 each of white cotton muslin and voile lining.
The pattern review.
The Flickr photo set.

It's the first English language BWOF I ever bought and the issue I've used the most often.
Their dress is quite snug and I went up from my usual 38/40 to 40/42 to get the ease I normally like.
This pattern was rated beginner. But BWOF instructions were never clear for the beginner. If you need directions to make such a simple dress, then you won't be able to decipher these instructions. ;-)
I am not sure this issue has any more distinct patterns that the new Burda Style magazine. There are many variations on the same theme.
As usual, the most classic patterns are for plus size.


  1. What a pretty dress! Yes, we've had rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings all week. But today, finally - at last! The sun!

  2. Love the way you combined the two fabrics! Thank you for the scans of the '95 magazine--the first issue I ever saw was '07 and it's interesting to see how it's changed.

  3. Oh, those plus patterns--I could make years worth of wardrobes for myself from them. They are great styles, I will have to search for a copy of that issue. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic re-fashion! and I really like the end result. Very summery. Bur who is Rachel? I'm guessing not the one from Friends!

  5. @Carolyn Rachel Berry is a character in the cult TV show, Glee. In the early seasons, she was known for her wacky fashion sense.


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