Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fail to Win!

I look happy because I've refashioned two items that were not quite right into things that I wear frequently.

Remember Burda 7517 FAIL? I lopped of the bottom to turn it into a top, narrowed the side seams to get rid of the unflattering bell shape, removed the front darts and added back darts. I actually like it now.

Remember the Butterick 3133 I made to wear in conservative Zanzibar? It like it much better at 27" than at the old 32" length.

I turned two fails into a big WIN.

Notice in the background that it is 5 PM and the marine layer (off-shore fog bank) still hasn't fully dissipated (or, perhaps it is rolling back in before it even had a chance to fully dissipate).

I shouldn't complain when the rest of the nation is suffering weather like this.

Partly cloudy with a high of 70F every day is preferable to heat indices over 120F and sensible (bulb) temperatures of 108F.

This week's forecast for our area is typical. If you come visit us in coastal LA during the summer, don't forget to pack your jacket along with your bikini. You'll also need less sunblock than you think.


  1. These do look very nice together, so well done for a very successful re-fashion! I love the outfit worn with that cute pink hat too!

  2. Those look great together and I think they are great saves. I love it when you can take something that didn't work and turn it into a success.

    You are also managing to make LA sound very enticing. Too bad we aren't moving out to California. But the reason for our move isn't entirely weather. The winters will be better, but the summers probably not so much.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I have heard of Pattern Magic 3


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