Thursday, May 02, 2013

Me Made May '13 ThemeFriday

I've decided to join Me Made May '13, but only document on ThemeFridays. Technically, I jumped the gun because this photo was taken on Thursday. However, Friday will be a super-busy day and the first theme is water.  Behold, the Pacific Ocean (and Vogue 1310*).

The first time I joined Me Made May, I was struck by how much of my sewing was not relevant for my real lifestyle.  Why spend so much time sewing for a fantasy life?  Now, I'm much more realistic about what I need and my skill level.  I sew more selectively and wear my own creations much more often now.  Just as Wardrobe Refashion changed my clothing purchase habits, MMM changed my clothing sewing habits.

[I still sew the occasional wacky Issey Miyake-type pattern puzzles, but I approach them as a mental exercise.]

I saw the cutest little barnacles growing on a wee bit of kelp.  For reference, they are about 2-3 millimeters wide.
A docent at the Roundhouse Aquarium said that 99% of the debris in the ocean is trash. I think we disagree on the definition of debris. I was going by the mass of everything that washes up on the beach. There is trash here, but most of it is naturally-occuring marine animal and vegetable matter.
Gratuitous picture of the purple cauliflower in today's CSA box from Tanaka Farms.  I just think it is too pretty not to share.

* Vogue 1310:
Evening wear on the beach? No, it's an evening wear pattern reinterpreted for casual day wear.
The top could have been a real fabric hog (2.25 yds of 60" wide fabric) because it should be double- layered and cut on the bias.  But, I pieced some scraps of linen to cut out the front, lined the front only with a small piece of cotton voile, and used another scrap of matching jersey for the back.

==> a free shirt from my zero-waste bin

Water Links: (because I live in the arid American southwest and think about this *a lot*)

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