Thursday, May 30, 2013

MMM ThemeFriday Red

A friend from Boulder visited this week and I gave him a BMGM best of LA tour. We rode our bikes along the beach, stuffed ourselves with fantastic food and then wrapped up the visit with a quick tour of my favorite artworks at LACMA.

The jacaranda trees are in full bloom, especially on La Brea south of Little Ethiopia.  (Think trees on both sides of the road arching to create purple tunnels--just dreamy.)  Unfortunately, I was too busy driving to take photos. We did manage to take one picture with a me-made in red and a jacaranda tree beginning to bloom.

I'm wearing Kwik Sew 2555 made from a refashioned t-shirt and contrast sleeves made of cotton/poly gingham.  I used the same pattern for Fashion Fail.  This time, I cut a size small.  (I cut a medium for the earlier version.)  For close-ups and details of the top, read Red Details.

Have you seen LA's favorite rock star, Levitated Mass?  From La Brea Boulevard, it really does look like it is floating a few inches above the ground.

In keeping with the red theme, I took a picture of my favorite section of Richard Serra's Band (aka Ribbon) sculpture in the permanent collection at LACMA.  Serra throws salt water on the steel to create the rust patterns.  Doesn't it remind you of Clifford Still?

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  1. You would be a great LA tour guide. I've never heard of the levitated mass.


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