Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jalie 3243

Remember the shorts worn with Simplicity 2339 shirt?

I wore them with my slightly tweaked version of Jalie 3243.

I put the patch pocket underneath, instead of on top of the front pant piece.

To reduce bulk, I used a cotton shirting for the pocket and waistband facings.  Although the pattern envelope says that you can use a non-stretch woven, I'd recommend using a stretch fabric or going up a size.  My stretch twill feels tight at first, but stretches out after a short time.

This is a favorite knockabout pair of shorts.  Next time, I'd use a stretch waistband facing, put in back patch pockets and add a bit of room for cyclist thighs.  This is a pull-on short that looks sleek, not sloppy.

No zipper insertion means that you can cut this out and sew it up in less than two hours. Narrow seam allowances save you fabric and trimming time.  I especially like that Jalie gives you all sizes--from little girls up to women's plus sizes--in one envelope. They are a really good value.

 My only caveat is to switch up the sewing order. They have you sew up one leg and then down the other like in Figure 1 of Fashion Incubator's Dominant Seams post.  I much prefer the method in Figure 2, where you stitch the crotch seam last in one continuous seam.  Try both and you will see Kathleen's wisdom.

BTW, I do purchase RTW on occasion.  I was so happy to find a nicely-made Oxford shirt without a no-iron resin finish at the Torrance Sears Lands End boutique, I ordered one in my size.  It's perfect for a walk to the beach and lunch with Bad Dad.  Can you believe this picture was taken in the middle of February?  Winter (and rain) skipped us this year.


  1. The thought of sunshine and shorts…. how glorious. I used to have to make adjustments for "cyclist's thighs" now if only I could walk…. someday.

  2. Love those shorts - I wish I could sport them like you!!!
    I also like the fact that it doesn't have a zipper... a quick sew is a good sew! And double as good if it looks like yours! :)


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