Monday, May 05, 2014

The last time I moved to Boulder

Aerial CU picture via here.
The last time I moved to Boulder , I shipped my books via USPS media mail, packed up six boxes of things I would not need right away and sent them via a UC Berkeley classmate who was also heading to Boulder for graduate studies*.  The rest of my stuff fit in my little Mazda 323. There was even enough room to bring Bad Dad along to help with the drive and housing search.

Why do I have so much stuff this time around?

And who gets the kitchen appliances?  How much cooking will I do just for one, Bad Dad asks.  I plan to cook in large quantities and trade leftovers, of course.

My new office is in the lab at the top of the mesa in the upper left hand corner.  It is small, but it is mine and has a window.  My new apartment is at the base of that mesa, by the shuttle stop so I don't have to drive or bike UP the hill.  I may bike down the hill for fun, though.

Not much sewing is happening, but I will try to post some refashions I made in January.

* There is a joke about a Berkeley--Boulder--Cambridge pipeline for physical scientists and Bad Dad has done time in all three.  I paid my friend $$ to help with gas for his UHaul trailer so he transported my bulky winter clothes and burgeoning fabric and yarn stash.  It was just a handful of boxes of books and 6 boxes total winter clothes/fabric/yarn back then.

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