Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cowl Finished

I finished a couple of projects last weekend. Neither took very long, but they attest to the psychological power of making lists instead of moving on to the next shiny thing.

The cowl shown here on the needles is complete, with ends woven in and wet-blocked.
It's about a foot longer than I had hoped.  That's what I get for not wet-blocking my swatch before calculating the number of stitches to cast on.  (12 st repeat * 22 repeats)
I messed up my first attempt with a 360 degree complete twist.  Frogging these yarns was not easy and I lost some fancy yarn yardage.  That mistake, and the additional length, meant the cowl lost some width.
But it looks quite substantial (yet light!) worn doubled.
I made this with the intention of blinging up my black shirts and knit tops. But, that wouldn't photograph well.

What do you think about mauve? Matronly? Timeless? The shirt still has the store tags on it, despite languishing in my closet for years.  Do I dare wear mauve in public?

Pattern (see copyright stuff at the footer of the page):
  1. With plain yarn: cast on your desired number of 12 stitch repeats on a long circular needle, placing markers every 12 stitches and stitch counter or other marker at start of round.
  2. Knit 8-10 rows (4-5 ridges) garter stitch back and forth.
  3. Place stitches on 2 long circular needles to ensure that there are no twists.  Join into the round.
  4. With fancy yarn, set up pattern (Row 1 of 4 row repeat): 
    • *k4, centered double decrease, k4, k1 into bar between stitches, k1, slide marker, k1 into bar between stitches*, *repeat between*
    • Centered double decrease:  slide two stitches together from L to R needles as if to k2tog, k1, slip two slipped stitches over the knitted stitch.  This doesn't sound like it will create a row of centered stitches, but it does.
    • For larger holes, use a yo instead of the lifted bar increase.  For no holes, use a pair of m1R and m1L.
    • Row 2: at start of round, k1 into bar between stitches, knit to end of round.
    • Row 3: repeat Row 1
    • Row 4: repeat Row 2
  5. With plain yarn, knit rows 1-2 three times for 6 rows total.
  6. Repeat rows 1-10 till desired width or out of yarn, ending with the fancy yarn.
  7. Knit 8-10 rows (4-5 ridges) garter stitch back and forth.
  8. Seam garter selvedge edges together, weave in ends.
  9. Wet block, soaking in warm water and then stretching firmly to open the stitches.


  1. That's lovely. I like mauve, too!

  2. I like mauve. I'd wear it. This cowl is lovely

  3. Anonymous12:41

    Of course you can wear mauve in public! The questions are: Do you really love it and does it really suit you! Your scarf/shawl is gorgeous. Beautiful. And thanks for the pattern.
    Vancouver Barbara

  4. The scarf is just gorgeous -- love the pattern. Wear it with delight! Beautiful project.

  5. The cowl looks great and has a lot of visual interest. I loved how it played against the shirt, stunning color combo!


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