Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Special Delivery and Basalt Tank Update

I got 2 packages from Dharma today. They are, in left to right order, Monte Cristo (pima cotton), Inca Cotton (organic cotton), and Andee (50% alpaca/50% wool). I had previously ordered the Andee and Inca cotton before and thought they were soft, but the Monte Cristo is like a fluffy cloud. I don't know how I will knit it. It is so soft and light, it feels like it will float away.

Here are close-ups of the pima,

the organic cotton (with a little test swatch, 17.5 sts/in on size 6 needles),

and alpaca/wool blend.

I had bought a skein each of Andee and Inca just to to do a taste test. I had to order more. The Andee would be perfect dyed up for Annie's Twisted Float Shrug. I also ordered some acid dyes
so I could dye my own handpaint a la the featured project on Dharma's main page. I have never used acid dyes before (if you don't count dyeing eggs, cake frosting or kool-aid dyeing hair and yarn). My sister says it is really easy so I hope she's right. Should I use my crockpot or my dishwasher for steam setting?

I can use my trusty old fiber reactive dyes on the cottons. But, I like the cottons as they are. I was thinking the organic cotton would look good as the Modell des Monats from June 2004. I can't get enough of the designs in Knitting Nature. The pima cotton may end up as the shell tank. If I did dye it, what color should I try? A shell pink?

Basalt Tank Update
I have returned to the Basalt Tank after a hiatus. I wanted to make the shoulder straps wider and toyed with different ideas. I hadn't counted on running out of the purple color so soon. I could rip back and start the stockinette section earlier, like the inside portion, and then finish with another row of lace (yo, k2tog) before another band of garter stitch. Or, I could just use up the rest of the purple and join in some black yarn to make a second garter, lace, garter band. That would make it a Basalt Shell instead of a Basalt Tank. Don't be shy, leave a comment with your suggestions.

Here is the green side

and here is the red side. It is reversible!

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